How to install Maven on Windows

Apache Maven is very simple to install in windows. Just you need to download the Maven’s zip file, extract it and configure the Windows environment path variable.
Tools Required:

1.      Java 1.7
2.      Maven 3.2(latest)
3.      Windows


  In Windows Environmental variables need to set the JAVA_HOME as a system variable.
This JAVA_HOME variable need to point the JDK folder or JRE folder of java installation path.


2. Download Apache Maven

                Visit the  and download the latest version of Maven.
         For e.g.  Maven 3.2.1 (Binary zip)

3. Extract It
                Downloaded zip file extract specific location in your system.
For e.g. if you are extracted in D drive.

4. Add Maven Home

                Add a new Maven variable in system variables.



                Update the path variable for maven.


6. Verify

    Above steps are completed just verify the maven is installed or not.
    Just go to cmd and type the command “mvn -version”



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