I am using Spring Tool Suite(STS) , so maven plugin is come by default. If you are using another versions of Eclipse you need to add the maven plugin from the Eclipse Market place.
Fallowing steps explains the how to create a Maven Project in Eclipse.
  •    Goto FILE -->NEW --> Other

       If you have the Maven plugin in your eclipse you can fallow the fallowing snapshot.

·         Then select the Maven Archetypes in the Eclipse.
  •  If you want to create basic java application then select the quickstart archetype.

  • If you want to create webapplication using then select the fallowing archetype.

  • I am created a maven basic Java application using Maven Plugin

  • After this we can see the project in package explorer in the fallowing manner

I am add the fallowing dependency in the maven project POM.xml

After add the dependencies in POM.xml file then right click on POM.xml file and run the Maven Install

After run the Maven Install command we can see the fallowing output in Console


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